We would be very pleased to collaborate with researchers and engineers from both academia and industry on ideas and concepts related to our field of expertise. We have plenty of publishable and patent-able research ideas that we can share and work together on them as a team of collaborating authors.

Although we have very limited time due to our commitment to many projects and businesses, we are very much interested in working with research students on research projects related to our research fields and areas of expertise, which can be summarized in the following: the design of advanced secure waveforms (for OFDM, OTDM, OTFS, etc), Physical and MAC layers security, secure multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems, new efficient, multidimensional modulation techniques (such as index, number, shape, and power modulation), and multiple access schemes such as NOMA for future 5G and beyond wireless systems.

Besides, we have several open positions (M.S./PostDoc) under our research projects (TUBITAK 3501 and 1002). Please send us an email with your CV, transcripts, theses, and publications (if any).