Partnership Program

For business challenges without an existing solution.

We collaborate with public and private partners through an established model: our Partnership Program. Companies of all sizes, entities and agencies come work with us to achieve their innovation and optimisation goals. In return, our researchers get access to relevant challenges, real-word data, and systems to test their research results.

Key benefits for partners:
• Gain access to world-class research and talent
• Leverage our state-of-the-art infrastructure
• Get 50-50 co-financing for our joint project

Who are the partners?
Public or private entities that have a business challenge without an existing solution. We count several ministries among our partners, but also some Fortune 500 companies, and budding startups.

What is a partnership?
A partnership is a joint investment in a multi-annual research project with concrete outcomes. As collaboration is at the heart of our Partnership Program, we co-invest 50/50 and also jointly select and supervise project staff.

What is the outcome of a joint research project?
Every project is different, but usually the outcome is a prototype working in the partner’s real environment. Also, you will be working alongside specialised staff ready for you to hire at the end of the project, if needed.

Why partner with Wislabi?
Get access to highly skilled experts, the latest research methodologies and state-of-the art equipment. You will also access our network, gain co-financing from our side, as well as support for third-party research grant applications. Last but not least, you will be contributing to advancing research at a global scale.

Are you ready for a partnership?

If your company is…

Our collaboration model

Project Governance

• Project working groups
• Joint steering committee
• Continuous sharing of results along project timeline
• Agile deployment of prototype in the partner’s environment

Cost structure

• 50/50 investment Wislabi/partner
• Possibility to acquire additional funding from other entities (research grants, public/private partnerships, etc.)

Intellectual Property

• Joint ownership of project results:
Partner: commercial purposes
Wislabi/UL: research purposes
• Patent costs covered by entity pursing filing
• Exclusivity may be negotiated against a fee

Joint research results

• Prototypes to solve business challenges
• Scientific publications and PhD theses

How to partner

World-class solutions to your unsolved business challenges.

We are guided by the principle that excellent scientific research can address the most pressing challenges society faces, and support industry in developing solutions.

Therefore, we designed a partnership model that enables truly collaborative exchanges, allowing our partners to find the solutions they need, and our researchers to access real-world scenarios to test their results.

Innovation at wislabi

Our researchers regularly develop exciting new solutions for real-world challenges; since 2009, they have created five spin-offs. To support our aspiring entrepreneurs, we launched an acceleration program to offer them entrepreneurial training, and develop their ideas into viable businesses. Its mission is to encourage our scientists to pursue the commercialization of their innovative products.

Wislabi’s IP Commercialization team supports researchers and partners in managing and protecting the Intellectual Property (IP) generated by their research activities.

We generate IP
Our researchers conduct projects on cutting-edge topics in ICT, looking into technologies that will be used years and decades into the future. Every day, their work creates new knowledge to enable the innovations of tomorrow.

We manage IP
We support our researchers in finding the right avenue to translate their concepts and results into products and services. Our dedicated IN-PART portal acts as an online matchmaking platform for university-industry collaboration.

We protect IP
Our IP Commercialisation team advises researchers on how to protect their IP by taking the right steps towards initiatives such as filing a patent, creating a spin-off, and more. The Wislabi Acceleration Programme also considers the protection of IP rights.

We transfer IP
We assist researchers throughout the patent application pro